of the World Association for
Dynamic Psychiatry (WADP)


Florence, ITALY – April 19th to 22nd , 2017


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Ahmad Adlan Aida SyarinazMalaysiaWThe role of the distance-learning co-teacher-
Akhverdova OlgaRussian FederationLPsychosomatics from the Standpoint of Anthropocentrism-
Akhverdova OlgaRussian FederationLSymboldrama in Combatants with Psychosomatic Diseases-
Aladjem AsherUSASSupportive and psychodynamic therapy with refugees and survivors of torture-
Aleksandrowicz JerzyPolandLReflection on categorization and classifications of functional disordersClinic
Alfonso CesarUSASCreating a psychodynamic psychotherapy-mentoring network and faculty development program in Southeast Asia - a five-year pilot programSocial Changes
Alfonso CesarUSASCreating a psychodynamic psychotherapy-mentoring network and faculty development program in Southeast Asia- a five-year pilot programSocial Changes
Alfonso CesarUSASCreative applications of psychodynamic theory informing psychiatric practiceSocial Changes
Alfonso CesarUSAWCreative training in psychodynamic psychotherapy and faculty development in Southeast Asia- a transcontinental mentoring programSocial Changes
Alfonso CesarUSASCultural adaptation of psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy in IranSocial Changes
Alfonso CesarUSASOn the limits of pathography and psychobiography and the dangers of wild analysisSocial Changes
Ammon MariaGermanyWAn Analytic Structural Dance. Self Experience and Concept.-
Ammon MariaGermanySDynamic Psychiatry an Integrative Theoretical and Practical Multidisciplinary Treatment ConceptClinic
Ammon MariaGermanyKLThe Understanding of Creativity in Dynamic PsychiatryClinic
Anania AlfredoItalyLCreative dynamics in the therapeutic group context of the itinerant seminar- L'Immaginario simbolicoTherapy and Creativity
Anantapong KantheeThailandWThe distance-learning student's experience-
Andronico FrancescaItalyLThe psychodynamic diagnosis: an integrated approach for psychologist and psychotherapist-
Andrzej GuzekGermanyLThe Labyrinth as a Symbol in PsychotherapyTherapy and Creativity
Atger IoanaFranceSReflecting and being reflected, about artists stimulating the therapists’ creativityClinic
Aunjitsakul WarutThailandWContinuing education and creating a mentoring network after distance-learning-
Babin SergeyRussian FederationLPsychological methods of psychosis therapy-developmental branch of Russian psychiatryCultural Paradigm
Bahrs Ottomar GermanyL"Oh God, there are people respecting me, indeed." (35-year-old female patient) – Review dialogues as an opportunity to initiate processes of de-stigmatizing-
Bar el JuanIsraelLAttachment style and the specific attachment wit therapistsTherapy and Creativity
Barbosa SofiaPortugalLCinema, Aesthetics And Narrative: A Dialogue About Cinema As Therapy – Part I-
Battaglini IreneItalyKLKeats and Coleridge: "Negative Capability" and the "Suspension of Disbelief" as concepts and soul of Psychodynamic PsychologyCreativity and Psychodynamics
Battuello MicheleItalyLPsychodynamic Psychotherapy and Human Development: creativity, phantasy and transformation of parental relationships in adolescence to build the identity of the adult.-
Bauer JoachimGermanyKLThe Self: Its Postnatal Development, its Role as Social Addressee and its Function as an Inner DoctorNeuroscience
Benelli EzioItalyKLDynamic and Divergent Thinking in Supervision with the methodology of Michael BalintTherapy and Creativity
Berlin JonUSAWDynamic, Interpersonal and Creative Aspects in the Emergency SettingTherapy and Creativity
Bertola AnnibaleItalySAnatomy of Uman Desctructiveness in today’s-
Bihler ThomasGermanyLA Classification of Mirroring Phenomena in Group Therapy-
Bihler ThomasGermanyLCombining Individual Therapy and Creative methods (Art Therapy) in the Treatment of Severe Psychic Disorders – Dynamic Interplay and Synergisms-
Billow RichardUSAKLDoing “The Work” of GroupTherapy and Creativity
Birk MonikaGermanySThe Analytic-Structural Dance Therapy Group – A Creative Space for Identity Development (with Video)Therapy and Creativity
Boev IgorRussian FederationLPsychosomatics from the Standpoint of AnthropocentrismCreativity and Psychodynamics
Boev IgorRussian FederationLSymboldrama in Combatants with Psychosomatic DiseasesCreativity and Psychodynamics
Bolshunova SvetlanaRussian FederationLArt-therapy and spontaneous theatre in working with teenagers with Cerebral PalsyTherapy and Creativity
Bolshunova SvetlanaRussian FederationLDesign-Art-therapy in the and repair of the dwelling in the framework of family therapyTherapy and Creativity
Bonomi CarloItalyKLThe Frenczi Renaissance: achievements, implications and perspectives-
Botbol MichelFranceSCreative mediations with violent adolescentsClinic
Botbol MichelFranceSCreativity and Culture in Psychiatric Disorders’ TreatmentsClinic
Botbol MichelFranceKLCultural Mediations in the Psychotherapeutic Process with Borderline AdolescentsClinic
Brandini NazzarenoItalyPBio-Natural Relaxation Experience In Psychoherapy-
Brown ElizabethUnited KingdomWTelling the story - building bridges-
Bruci AdrianoItalySProteic ketogenic diet: an easy and safe way to the fast weight lossClinic
Burbiel IlseGermanyWAn Analytic Structural Dance. Self Experience and ConceptTherapy and Creativity
Burbiel IlseGermanySEmotional resonance and body experience in analytic-structural dance therapyTherapy and Creativity
Cala MargaritaUSASThe Magic of touch: from psychoanalysis to neurobiology-
Cardamone GiuseppeItalyKLYoung people and severe mental disorders: from prevention to treatmentClinic
Casadei AnitaItalySAnatomy of Uman Desctructiveness in today’s-
Charnsil ChawanunThailandPThe prevalence and correlation of depression awareness in patients with alcohol use disorderClinic
Chianura PasqualeItalySWaiting for lecture title-
Cionini LorenzoItalySWaiting for title lecture-
Collier JessicaUnited KingdomLACCTing Out - How can art psychotherapy address disturbing unconscious re-enactments of violent trauma in the prison environment-
Compton Dickinson Stella JeanUnited KingdomWManualised music therapy: a creative and scientific exploration of the model and the results-
Cotroneo MassimoItalyWProcessi creativi nell'ipnosi clinicaClinic
Cracolici FrancoItalySLa visione psicosomatica dell'essere umano secondo la medicina tradizionale cinese-
Cyranka KatarzynaPolandLChanges in personality functioning in patients treated for neurotic and personality disorders with group psychodynamic psychotherapyClinic
Daren ArturPolandLThe use of masks in the treatment of patients with chronic auditory hallucinations-
de Brito Correia Ana FilipaPortugalLCinema, Aesthetics And Narrative: A Dialogue About Cinema As Therapy – Part Ii-
Delle Fave AlessandraItalyLCreativity: a possible common factor across different forms of psychotherapies?Therapy and Creativity
Demianchuk MariiaUkraineLGender aspects of the trans-generationally transmitted trauma in "The Museum of Abandoned Secrets" by Oksana ZabuzhkoTherapy and Creativity
Detambel RegineFranceSCreative Bibliotherapy for the degenerative psychopathologi-
Di Lorenzo CherubinoItalySKetogenic diet: which role in psychiatry-
Di Rocco MonicaItalySThe artherapy for the migrant people with psychotrauma-
Doctor RonaldUnited KingdomSPsychosis: a Creative Challenge for Forensic PsychotherapyCriminal Minds
Druzhinin AndreyRussian FederationPThe role of emotional-affective disorders in risk of suicidal behavior in patients with epilepsy-
Duchonova KaterinaCzech Rep.PPsychotic phenomena in borderline personality disorder and dissociation-
Ezzaher AsmaTunisiaPPolymorphism 5-httlpr transporter serotonin: it is associated with bipolar disorder in population tunisia?Neuroscience
Fabian Egon GermanyKLThe Transgenerational perspective in psychodynamic psychotherapy: widening the scope-
Fink HildegardGermanyS-The Analytic-Structural Dance Therapy Group – A Creative Space for Identity Development (with Video)Therapy and Creativity
Finke GiselaGermanyLThe influence of taking part in expressive creative therapies on outcome of inpatient psychotherapy-
Fiorini RodolfoItalyLCreativity in mindAspects of Psychodynamics
fitzgerald barbaraIrelandLPsychoanalysis and Culture - Memory, Recollection and CreativitySocial Changes
Frateschi MassimoItalyKLPsychoevolution. The Psychoevolutionist Psychodynamic Psychotherapy - Psicoevoluzione. La psicoterapia psicodinamica psicoevoluzionista-
Funk SabineGermanyLMaturity from the perspective of different psychoanalytic conceptsCultural Paradigm
Galgano AndreaItalyKLCreativity and spirituality in the genius of Giacomo LeopardiCreativity and Aesthetics
Gallese VittorioItalyKLVisions of the Body. Neuroscience and the Problem of ImagesNeuroscience
Giannini MarcoItalySL'assessment creativo nel Modello Multidimensionale Integrato basato sull'Attaccamento: il Thematic ApperceptionClinic
Gil TsviIsraelLAttachment style and the therapeutic bondTherapy and Creativity
Gil TsviIsraelLBetween Scylla and Charybdis : A Dynamic-Existential approach to Anxiety DisordersTherapy and Creativity
G?kalp R. PeykanTurkeyLMigration, Creativity and Mental HealthSocial Changes
Golijov AliciaSpainLFrom repetition to novelty creativity: creation and re-creation in therapeutic groups with children and adultsCreativity and Psychodynamics
Goodwin RuthUnited KingdomWTelling the story, building bridges-
Gori AlessioItalySIntroduzione al modello multidimensionale integrato basato sull'Attaccamento: teoria, assessment e risvolti applicativiClinic
Gourbil AdelineFranceSCreative mediations with violent adolescents-
Gramantieri RiccardoItalyPThe creative process: from Wilfred Bion’s “container” to Samuel Delany’s “modular calculus”Aspects of Psychodynamics
Granier Herv?FranceSThe Internal PathClinic
Grossmann Klaus E.GermanyKLOpen for the world – The development of creative vision-
Guasto GianniItalySToxic parenthood and incorporation phenomena-
Guo ShengchangChinaLA case report of child sleep behavior disorder caused by family factorsClinic
Hackett SimonUnited KingdomSInterpersonal Art Psychotherapy for the treatment of aggression in people with learning disabilities in secure care: A feasibility and acceptability study.Criminal Minds
Hannig-Faber ChristelGermanyWMinidrama-
Hermelink DanielGermanyLDynamic Psychiatric Hospital - a Creative Space for Development-
Herrman HelenAustraliaKLUnderstanding the social determinants of womenCultural Paradigm
Hinrichs ReimerGermanyLCreativity and Madness in Dynamic PsychotherapyCreativity and Psychodynamics
Holm-Hadulla RainerGermanyKLThe Creative Self-Analysis of the Politician, Scientist and Poet J.W. v. Goethe-
Imperatore PierluigiItalyL'integrazione tra le dinamiche consce ed inconsce nella creativit? per i processi di curaClinic
Iraci Sareri GiuseppeItalySPunti di contatto e divergenze tra il Modello Multidimensionale Integrato basato sull'Attaccamento e la terapia Ricostruttiva InterpersonaleClinic
Jalali Nadoushan Amir HosseinIranSPsychoanalysis in Iran: Improbable or possible?Cultural Paradigm
Kalayasiri RasmonThailandSIntegrating psychodynamic concepts in addiction psychiatry in ThailandSocial Changes
Karrasch ChristineGermanyLPre- and Perinatal Bonding As Resilience Factor for the Mental and Emotional Health of Both Mother and Her Unborn ChildClinic
Kennedy Justin JamesEmiratesSTheoretical neuroscience - Computational and mathematical modeling of neural systemsNeuroscience
Kentchadze VajaGeorgiaPCultural Features of Suicide in Georgia Among Patients with Depression-
Kick Hermes AndreasGermanyKLScientific Revolution and Creative Process: On the way to New Narratives in Psychiatry and PsychotherapyCreativity and Aesthetics
Kladný TomášCzech Rep.LJean Genet: Performance of One Banned out of the Social OrderCreativity and Aesthetics
Kreissl KatharinaGermanySThe work with healty identity parts in Analytic milieu psychotherapyClinic
Krienke Ute JanniGermanyLCreative processes in cognitive behavioral therapy. The concept of creative hopelessness and rational-emotive imagery.Therapy and Creativity
K?mmel Ulrich GermanyLCreative writing. Alone and with others. (A practice report)Therapy and Creativity
La Stella LucianaItalyKLCreative Affinities between Psychotherapy and NeurosciencesTherapy and Creativity
Lacaze PaulFranceSCreative Processes in Psychotherapy and Private PsychiatryTherapy and Creativity
Lee Sang IckKoreaPThe understanding of transference and individuation through the whole series of the twenty woodcuts of Rosarium PhilosophorumAspects of Psychodynamics
Lee Su YoungKorea,SouthPPrevalence and Risk factors of Peripartum Depressive Symptoms among South Korean Women – Preliminary Data of a Large Prospective StudyClinic
Lenti GabrieleItalyLThe Dance of ReverieTherapy and Creativity
Levy ArnonIsraelSTheoretical neuroscience - Symposium: 1. The Brain-consciousness knot revisitedNeuroscience
Lomunov Oleg KonstantinovichRussian FederationLExperiences in the treatment of neuropsychic disorders in patients with bronchial asthma-
Lukman Petrin RedayaniIndonesiaSPsychodynamic psychotherapy training curriculum for psychiatric residents at the University of IndonesiaSocial Changes
Lutova NataliaRussian FederationPStigma in patients with mental disorders – its manifestations and consequences
Lutova NataliaRussian FederationSStigma in the identity of patients with mental disorders – challenge for therapeutic creativity.
Makris NikolaosUsaSThe Impact of Imaging Brain Circuitries in Neuroscience and NeuropsychoanalysisNeuroscience
Manca Maria LuisaItalySWaiting for title lecture
Mandese AnnamariaItalyKLIl P.P.M. Processo Psicoanalitico Mutativo ed il pensiero di Erich Fromm. Tra Edipo e Narciso. Tra Avere ed Essere. Tra Psicoanalisi e Societ?-
Marino MatteoItalyKLCreative Psychotherapy: an artwork with four hands in the realization project of the Self-
Martindale BrianUnited KingdomLA creative Step. Indications for, and experience of, psychotherapy in the client's homeClinic
Mason KatyUnited KingdomS"Murder and mayhem is a moneymaking business" – it's legal, but is it moral?Criminal Minds
Matveeva NyurguyanaRussian FederationLInterrelation of A>C polymorphism (rs 2271537) in TDO2 gene with a sign of withdrawal symptom at alcoholism in population of Yakuts of the Republics of Sakha (Yakutia)Clinic
Medard Ferenc KerekesGermanyPTwo years of transcultural psychiatric experience in a german metropolitan private practice: synopsis of 21 Brief Psychodynamic Psychotherapies-
Mehrdad EftekharUSASExpression of Anger in Idealizing Transference Culture of the EastCultural Paradigm
Meixner ElisabethGermanySThe Story of the Little Tiger. Theatre Work in the Psychoanalytic Kindergarten in MunichTherapy and Creativity
Melamedoff SilviaArgentinaKLActive Ageing: An interplay between the Past and the Present Climacterium and Menopause. Psychoanalytic considerations-
Mezzich JuanUSAKLCreativity and Positive HealthTherapy and Creativity
Mielimaka MichalPolandLDistribution and differentiation of symptoms in patients with neurotic disorders and disturbances in personality functioning treated with group psychotherapy.Clinic
Mihai Elena ClaudiaRomaniaLMass Media Values – the educative function of the Romanian press contentsSocial Changes
Mikhailov VladimirRussian FederationSDissomnia, its causes and specific in the anxiety disorders, creative approaches to treatment-
Mikhailov VladimirRussian FederationKLLife quality and stigmatization of mental patients-
Milošević VladimirRussian FederationLCreative potential of Psychodrama Group in Therapy with Different Kinds of patientsTherapy and Creativity
Mishra Dr.J.P.MishraIndiaLGroup Dynamics and Peace Psychology in Changing EraSocial Changes
M?bus Bernhard GermanyLRight-wing populismSocial Changes
Mohr MartinGermanyLArt TherapyCreativity and Aesthetics
Mohr MartinGermanyLcreative ways in the labyrinthCreativity and Aesthetics
Nahum DanielUSALCommon Factors in PsychotherapyClinic
Nahum DanielUSASCreativity and MadnessSocial Changes
Naneishvili GeorgeGeorgiaPCultural Features of Suicide in Georgia Among Patients with DepressionCultural Paradigm
Nasello JulianBelgiumLDealing with alexithymia in a day psychiatric hospitalization: a study identifying significant modulators to promote recoveryClinic
Nataly HoffmannGermanySTurning points in psychodynamic psychotherapyClinic
Nelson ThomasUSALSavonarolaCreativity and Aesthetics
Neznanov NikolayRussian FederationKLPsychiatry and Society in the Search of Compromise or Consensus-
Neznanov NikolayRussian FederationSThe Interrelationship of Sexuality, Anxiety, Insomnia in mental disorders – challenges for therapy in the search for creative solutions.-
Olarte SilviaUSASCurative factors in psychodynamic psychotherapy- research results from a sample of medical psychoanalysts and their patients-
Orazzo CatelloItalyWEngagement as motivational driver: Processes of change in an italian Department of Menthal Health-
Orsini PiaItalySThe marabout and the Witch-
Palka JoannaPolandLThe use of masks in the treatment of patients with chronic auditory hallucinations-
Pallanti StefanoUSASThe Impact of Imaging Brain Circuitries in Neuroscience and NeuropsychoanalysisNeuroscience
Pallanti StefanoUSAKLUnconscious and NeuroscienceNeuroscience
Panella GiuseppeItalyKLAesthetics and Psychoanalysis: from Freud's Gradiva to postmodern Pattern. Interpersonal Approach in the Contemporary Society and its Issues.Creativity and Aesthetics
Pantone PasqualUSAKLA type of therapeutic action in interpersonal psychanalysis-
Passerini AlbertoItalyLResilience: facing traumas, stress, difficulties and encouraging personal growth – The treatment with Imaginative Experience-
Peciccia MaurizioItalyLCreative Therapy of the Sense of SelfTherapy and Creativity
Perret AnneFranceLCreative therapy for teenagers in difficult adolescence-
Petra KiemGermanySCreative Power of Dance Theatre Self ExperienceTherapy and Creativity
Petrini PieroItalyKLE. Fromm and PPM (Psychoanalytic Process mutative), between psychoanalysis and the social environment. The relationship that sets us free - FROMM e PPM (Processo Psicoanalitico Mutativo), tra psicoanalisi e sociale.-
Piccinni OrnellaItalySThe Neuropsychology of childbirth and mother-infant interaction-
Polozhaya ZlataRussian FederationLCreative and spiritual processes in group psychotherapyCultural Paradigm
Polozhy BorisRussian FederationLThe Ethnocultural Approaches To Suicide PreventionCultural Paradigm
Rana MrinalineeIndiaLExercise and cognitive bias modificationtraining in adults: effects on self-reported anxietyClinic
Reitz GertraudGermanyS-The Analytic-Structural Dance Therapy Group – A Creative Space for Identity Development (with Video)Therapy and Creativity
Reitz GertraudGermanySEmotional Resonance and Body Experience in Analytic-Structural Dance TherapyTherapy and Creativity
Risari GiorgioItalyKLCreativity according to Erich Fromm between biophilia, humanistic unconscious, "Having or Being", productive character and "trans cognitive" competenceCreativity and Aesthetics
Rombol? Corsini GiuseppeItalyWAdherence and compliance to long-term and combined therapies in a mental health center: creative variables of a clinical case.-
Rossetti DanielaItalyL"Travelling" with LeoCreativity and Aesthetics
Ruggiero GiuseppeItalySWaiting for title lecture-
Samana RoyIsraelLFear of the Unknown and the Demise of Clinical Creativity: On Protocols, Evidence Based Treatments and Diagnostic InflationClinic
Samana RoyIsraelLFront to the Future – On the Restoration and Development of the Prospective FunctionClinic
Sanati MohammadIranSReading psychoanalytic thoughts and practicing psychoanalytic psychotherapies in IranCultural Paradigm
Schmolke MargitGermanySTurning points in psychodynamic psychotherapy-
Serino VinicioItalyKLThe forgotten gift: imagining and realizing for understanding the man and the world. A working hypothesis.Neuroscience
Sharma ShridharItalyLCreative Process In PsychotherapyTherapy and Creativity
Shields BobCanadaLA system of creative wellbeing: implications for the industrialization of creativity-
Shin HongbeomKoreaPEffects of Neurofeedback on EEG and Sleep measures in patients with InsomniaNeuroscience
Silvio JosephUSASPsychodynamic factors in psychopharmacology practice-
Sinatra MariaItalySValidation of the internet gaming disorder scale- short form (igds9-sf) in an italian-speaking sampleClinica
Singh RamIndiaLStress, Security and coping: 21st Century and beyondSocial Changes
Sinzelle J?r?mieFranceSHans Prinzhorn and Outsider Art: a humanist psychiatrist, from psychoanalytic innovation in therapy to renewal of artistic culture.-
Sorokin MikhailRussian FederationSStigma in the identity of patients with mental disorders – challenge for therapeutic creativity.-
Sorokin MikhailRussian FederationPStructure of motivation for treatment and compliance in psychiatric patients-
Sutanto LimasIndonesiaLCreative Challenges to Applying Psychoanalysis in IndonesiaSocial Changes
Sutanto LimasIndonesiaSPsychodynamic psychotherapy in Indonesia- contributions of Bachtiar Lubis and further modifications by his trainees and colleaguesSocial Changes
Sutanto LimasIndonesiaSThe Development of Psychoanalysis in IndonesiaSocial Changes
Tagliatti FedericoItalyLThe Violent narcissistic identification: a psychodynamic processCriminal Minds
Tasman AllanUSASCreativity: How Biology and Psychology IntersectSocial Changes
Tavakoli SamanIranSCultural dimensions of the Iranian character and the practice of psychodynamic psychotherapyCultural Paradigm
Taylor CeliaUnited KingdomSCreative processes in forensic psychotherapy and psychiatry: high risk offenders with personality disorder (Chair: Estela Welldon)Criminal Minds
Tosarelli LorenzaItalyKLThe dancetherapy in the setting of group psychoanalytic psychotherapyTherapy and Creativity
Trkulja MirjanaFranceLIntroduction to Individual Psychoanalytic PsychodramaTherapy and Creativity
Tschuschke VolkerGermanyKLHow Can the Power of Psychotherapy Treatment Be Communicated to Politicians and to the Public?Social Changes
Tyal HachemGermanySAn integrated vision of the psychological treatmentClinic
Tyano ShmouelIsraelKLBecoming a parent reactivates playfulness and creativityTherapy and Creativity
Urspruch Ingeborg GermanySThe Psychoanalytic Theatre Therapy as an open Playground for Creative DevelopmentTherapy and Creativity
Vasilieva AnnaRussian FederationSPsychodynamic understanding of the interplay of insomnia and sexual disturbances in non-psychotic anxiety disorders, conseuquences for the therapy-
Verma JyotiIndiaL‘Letting Go’: A Creative Initiative towards FreedomTherapy and Creativity
Von B?low GabrieleGermanyLExperience of time in Psychotherapeutic processesSocial Changes
Walker MichaelUSAWThe Social Construction of Mental Illness and Its Implications for NeuroplasticityNeuroscience
Wei? CorneliaGermanyLCreativity and Revolt - how to use and integrate the Opus of Albert Camus in psychotherapy processesCreativity and Aesthetics
Welldon EstelaUnited KingdomWSadomachism as an artistic creation: the Night Porter-
Wexler Buzaglo IrisFranceLComplex trauma, Resilience and Creative processes in Adolescents at Risk: Research experiences in Haiti and IsraelTherapy and Creativity
Winanda Rizky AnizaIndonesiaWThe role of the distance-learning student coordinator-
Zaccagnini EnricoItalyLThe importance of Psychological Wellbeing for Human CreativityCreativity and Psychodynamics
Zanotti MiriamItalyLThe need to heal: a multidimensional (process and) answer Analysis of the pursuit of recovery in a psychiatric patient and a patient suffering from infectious diseaseClinic
Zucconi AlbertoItalyS-
Zuppiroli AlfredoItalySFattori psichici nelle malattie cardiovascolari-


Speakers: Highlights

Maria Ammon

Berlin-Munich (Germany)

The Understanding of Creativity
in Dynamic Psychiatry

Helen Herrman

Sidney (Australia)

Understanding the social
determinants of women

Estela Welldon

London (UK)

Sadomasoschism as an artistic
creation: The Night Porter by Liliana Cavani

Ezio Benelli

Florence (Italy)

Dynamic and Divergent Thinking
in Supervision with the methodology of Michael Balint

Nikolaj Neznanov

St.Petersburg (Russia)

Psychiatry and Society in the
Search of Compromise or Consensus

Pasqual Pantone

New York (USA)

A Type of Therapeutic Action in
Interpersonal Psychoanalysis

Ilse Burbiel

Munich (Germany)

Emotional Resonance and Body
Experience in Analytic-Structural Dance Therapy (AST)

Irene Battaglini

Florence (Italy)

Keats and Coleridge: “Negative
Capability” and the “Suspension of Disbelief” as concepts and soul of
Psychodynamic Psychology

Andrea Galgano

Florence-Potenza (Italy)

Creativity and spirituality in the genius of Giacomo Leopardi

Stefano Pallanti

Stanford (USA)

Unconscious and Neuroscience

Carlo Bonomi

Florence (Italy)

The Ferenczi Renaissance:
achievements, implications, and perspective


Rome (Italy)

Creative processes in clinical


Rome (Italy)

The psychodynamic diagnosis: an
Integrated Approach for psychologists and psychotherapists

Gisela Finke

Offenbach am Main (Germany)

The influence of taking part in
expressive creative therapies on outcome of inpatient psychotherapy


Bologna (Italy)

The dancetherapy in the setting
of group

Alfonso César

New York (USA)

Creative applications of
psychodynamic theory informing psychiatric practice


Parma (Italy)

Visions of the Body.
Neuroscience and the problem of images


Brescia (Italy)

Creativity according to Erich
Fromm between biophilia, humanistic unconscious, “Having or Being”,
productive character and “trans cognitive” competence



Aspects of Psychodynamics


Creativity and Aesthetics

Creativity and Psycodynamic

Criminal Minds

Cultural Paradigm


Social Changes

Therapy and Creativity

Scientific Introduction

Professor Nikolaij Neznanov
President of the World Association for Dynamic Psychiatry (WADP)


Professor Maria Ammon
President of the German Academy for Psychoanalysis (DAP) e. V.
Creative processes in psychotherapy and psychiatry will always challenge for new thinking, new research findings and new treatment aspects for activating and creativating arrested identity development. To find new possibilities, hypothesis, assumptions and new creative conditions in our fast changing world will be the common interest of our congress. We are hoping that the encounter of scientists from various disciplines like medicine, psychiatry, psychology, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy could promote the integration of interdisciplinary research.
It is our wish that also interdisciplinary findings from sociology, philosophy, pedagogy, the cultural anthropology and others will facilitate the discourse on this topic. Furthermore, it is our wish that at this WADP congress in 2017 the sciences of mankind can contribute in a way that problems related to creativity can be perceived, consolidated and integrated in the service of our patients.
Again we would like to thank the international organizations, the WPA, the WASP, the WFMH, EAP, ECCP and ICPCM and World Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation for their support.
We are also exceptionally thankful for the excellent cooperation of the organizing Italian WADP branch members and the co-workers of Erich Fromm International Foundation.
We are looking very much forward the welcoming you in Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, filled with historical relics and artistic masterpieces by the greatest masters of Humanism and the Renaissance.
This will be a wonderful creative an atmosphere for our congress.


Professor Ezio Benelli
President of the Congress


Professor Irene Battaglini
Creativity Manager of the Congress
If we mean “creativity” as the capability of the human mind of creating and inventing, the creative dimension – that gives shape to psychic processes – can be explored from various points of view. We must consider that the consequence of “creativity” permeates plenty of aspects of human life and mental health, from the “imagery” to brand new clinical and rehabilitation technologies.
WADP 2017 Congress aims to understand better the creative processes in the different areas of study. There will be dialectical focuses on issues such as psychopathology, interpersonal dynamics, behavior, vulnerability factors, personality structures, conscious and unconscious creative processes. This will allow the discussion from several approaches (e.g. clinic, psychiatric, psychological, anthropological, philosophic, social, education ones) in the evocative atmosphere of Florence, that will certainly help to open the horizon to every arts, as a background to affective dimension: dance, literature, music, plastic and figurative art, theater and in general every performance art and – as a consequence – language, communication, interpretation. Therefore, it will be taken into consideration the expression of creativity from the developmental stage – in the neurological and rehabilitation aspects – up to excellence of various social, economic, intellective functions, in which the dispositional characteristics crosses with the environment status.
Of course, the displaying of creativity permeates the clinical health processes, both from the prevention and the recovery of damaged functions, and lives throughout the work of every single mental health professional that often faces clinic decision using the divergent thinking. In the word of Magritte, it is necessary an “unusual combination” to come to an effective solution to novel questions in work concerning the affective, interior and interpersonal life.