Florence, ITALY – April 19th to 22nd, 2017

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

if we mean “creativity” as the capability of the human mind of creating and inventing, the creative dimension – that gives shape to psychic processes – can be explored from various points of view. We must consider that the consequence of “creativity” permeates plenty of aspects of human life and mental health, from the “imagery” to brand-new clinical and rehabilitation technologies. 2017 WADP Congress aims to understand better the creative processes in the different areas of study.


Aspects of Psychodynamics
Creativity and Aesthetics
Creativity and Psycodynamic
Criminal Minds
Cultural Paradigm
Social Changes
Therapy and Creativity

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Maria Ammon

Helen Herrman

Estela Welldon

The Understanding of Creativity in Dynamic Psychiatry Understanding the social determinants of women Exploring the creative elements in the criminal mind: the challenge for forensic psychoterapy


Nikolai Neznanov

Ezio Benelli

Stefano Pallanti

Psychiatry and society in the search of compromise or consensus Dynamic and Divergent Thinking in Supervision with the methodology of Michael Balint Neurosciences – the brain and the unconscious


César Alfonso

Vittorio Gallese

Joachim Bauer

Creative applications of psychodynamic theory informing psychiatric practice Visions of the Body. Neuroscience and the problem of images The self: its postnatal development, its role as social addressee and its function as an “Inner Doctor”


Opening Ceremony

Astrid Thome, DGG
Barbara Fitzgerald, ECPP
Carlo Bonomi, INSF
Ezio Benelli, IFEFROMM
Fulvio Giardina, CNOP
Helen Herrman, WPA
Irene Battaglini, SPEF
Juan Mezzich, ICPCM
Lauro Mengheri, OPT
Maria Ammon, WADP
Nikolaj Neznanov,WADP
Roy Abraham Kallivayalil, WASP


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€ 350,00 (full)

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€ 150,00 (full)

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€ 150,00


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